A Private members-only Cannabis collective

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A community for cannabis

Coming together to grow, learn, educate, and experience cannabis as a collective

The Mass Cannabis Coop is a members-only, private social club. Members of the community educate, learn, garden, lounge, and share with each other in a social setting of a private, law abiding, non-profit organization.

Many services are offered to members including grow hosting and home set up. We offer classes, events, and community to responsibly educate on cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use in a private, member protected way.








M-Su 12p - 12a

Home Grow packages 

You will receive a complete home installation along with instruction on growing with the packages of your choice. We offer 3 types of grow packages: Green Thumb, Budding, and Sprouting packages to accomodate the yield best suited for you. In addition to set up, we offer on call support while you get going to ensure success..

All packages come with the STANDARD PACK which includes: exhaust fan w/ hose, carbon filter, fan, timer, power strip, and light hangers.

From the Budding beginner to the seasoned botanist, see the packages below! 


Green Thumb  1-2 plant (easy)

One 2x4 tent
T8 Light
1 standard pack

Price: $1250 (premium supplies)
           $1000 (basic supplies)

Learn the basics of home grown marijuana! One light/tent will provide all the seasonal changes needed for a marijuana plant to grow from seed/clone to harvest.



Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 7.24.31 AM.png

Sprouting  1-4 plants (Int.)

One 4x4 tent
600 or 1000w light kit
1 standard pack

Price: $2200 (premium supplies)
           $2000 (basic supplies)

For the grower that wants quantity, enjoy our larger light/tent package to host more plants.




Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 7.27.12 AM.png

Budding 2 - 8 plants (adv.)

One 2x4 tent
One 4x4 tent
T8 Light
600 or 1000w light kit
2 standard packs

Price: $3200 (premium supplies)
           $3000 (basic supplies)

If you know you want to grow long term, this package allows you to keep clones and keep growing in two separate tents. Once your harvest is ready, the next batch is ready to be rotated in and the cycle continues!


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